Core Values

Radiant Pathways: Dr. Bilal's 28COE Core Values Illuminate NAZMED's Journey with Founder Saqib Malik at the Helm!

Embracing Illumination: Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat’s 28COE Core Values Illuminate Our Path at NAZMED SMS SDN BHD. Founder Saqib Saeed Malik Leads the Charge, Wholeheartedly Practicing Values That Transform Every Individual and Organization. Gratitude for the Power of Core Values!


Unwavering integrity is the bedrock of our character. As founder & CEO of NAZMED, we uphold honesty and ethical conduct in every interaction, fostering trust and credibility.


Boldness fuels our pursuit of innovation and growth. We dare to challenge norms, embrace change, and approach challenges with fearless determination.


Honesty forms the cornerstone of our communication. Transparent, open dialogue builds trust, laying the foundation for enduring relationships and mutual respect.


Trustworthiness is our currency. We prioritize reliability and consistency, ensuring our actions align with our words, creating trust that stands the test of time.


Accountability defines our commitment. We take ownership of our actions, learn from challenges, and consistently deliver on promises, fostering a culture of reliability.


The spirit of continuous learning propels us forward. Embracing new knowledge and insights, we cultivate an environment where curiosity fuels progress.

Community Of Customer Experience

Our community thrives on customer-centricity. Dedicated to exceeding expectations, we create memorable experiences that resonate with our clients, building lasting partnerships.


Passion ignites our endeavors. We infuse enthusiasm into our work, driving us to surpass boundaries and excel in our pursuit of excellence.

Culture Of Fun

A culture of fun is the heartbeat of our workplace. Fostering creativity and camaraderie, we believe that an enjoyable environment fuels innovation and productivity.


Discipline anchors our success. Adhering to high standards and structured processes, we ensure consistency and reliability in every facet of our operations.

Community Of Ownership

Ownership is a shared commitment. In our community, every member takes pride in their responsibilities, contributing to a sense of shared success and accountability.

Result Oriented

Results are our focus. We are driven by a passion for achieving tangible outcomes, ensuring our efforts translate into measurable success.

Constant Improvement

Constant improvement is our ethos. Embracing change and innovation, we perpetually seek ways to enhance processes, products, and ourselves.


Leadership is an attitude, not a title. Empowering individuals to lead from every position, we cultivate a culture where initiative and influence drive progress.

Hard Work

Hard work is our foundation. We believe in the transformative power of diligence, understanding that sustained effort paves the way for enduring success.


Diversity enriches our perspectives. Celebrating differences, we foster an inclusive environment where varied voices contribute to a tapestry of creativity and innovation.


Innovation is our heartbeat. We embrace a culture that thrives on curiosity, experimentation, and forward-thinking, driving us to pioneer transformative solutions.


Quality is our commitment. We set uncompromising standards, ensuring that every product, service, and interaction reflects our dedication to excellence.


Teamwork amplifies our impact. We believe in the collective strength of collaboration, valuing each member’s unique contribution in achieving shared goals.


Simplicity is our hallmark. We navigate complexity with straightforward solutions, prioritizing clarity and efficiency in all our endeavors.

Collaboration & Partnership

Collaboration is embedded in our DNA. Building strong partnerships, we leverage collective strengths to create mutual success and foster enduring relationships.


Idealism fuels our vision. We dare to dream big, embracing ideals as the driving force behind our aspirations and endeavors.

28 Credentials of Entrepreneur -28COE


Courage defines our resilience. We face challenges with bravery, understanding that overcoming adversity requires steadfast determination and fearlessness.


Unselfishness is our ethos. We believe in the power of selfless acts, fostering an environment where generosity and consideration are valued.


Entitlement has no place in our culture. We reject complacency, encouraging a mindset that values earned success and continuous improvement.


Self Respect

Self-respect is our foundation. We prioritize individual well-being, understanding that a culture of self-respect contributes to collective success.

Client Value Creation

Client value creation is our purpose. We are dedicated to understanding and exceeding client expectations, creating enduring value through our products and services.

One Global Network

One Global Network unites us. Across borders, we foster connections and collaboration, recognizing the strength that diversity brings to our global community.

Embark on Your Triumph: Unveil the Impact of Core Values!

Delve into the profound influence of core values on individuals and organizations alike. Explore the essence that defines us, transforming these principles from mere words into the driving forces shaping decisions, behavior, and culture, cultivating a foundation of integrity and trust.

For organizations, core values are catalysts for a positive culture, propelling growth, innovation, and excellence. Shared values among team members foster collaboration, heightened productivity, and increased job satisfaction.

On a personal level, core values serve as a guiding compass, steering individual growth and decision-making. Embrace your principles for unparalleled fulfillment, joy, and triumph.

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